This plum flower dress has garter stitch white circles.  Shoes and hat match with a big brim and smaller purple dome.  Retro-50's sort of look. Off to a garden party.
The skirt and attached cape are made in mistake rib stitch.  Purse made of plastic canvas.
She's got the bagpipes while he plays the big drum.  A well balanced pair.  Trying to knit bagpipes was a challenge.
This snowdrop dress has cape sleeves and a three petal overskirt.  The leaf hat finishes the look.
In case you didn't get enough of them in only one picture.
1st Prize at the Wallacetown Fair.  Special sponsor was Crafts Plus.  Thank you!  Winning set included matching purse and shoes made of plastic canvas.
This skirt was done in stamen stitch.  The shoes were the very first I ever made.  The shoes, banjo and hat were all created with plastic canvas.
It seemed like a good idea at the time.  The cape sleeves were slightly different to make.
Lovely pink and white dress with the popular ruffle top.
This dress shows a shamrock pattern and used double rib stitch  top and bottom.
One day, not counting the shoes, did it. 
The picture on the left is the inside of the dress, showing the bars of yarn from Fair Isle knitting.  The one on the right, of course, is worn the right way.
Just a neat well made dress with sleeves.  The skirt was created in mistake rib stitch.  Rather a beautiful stitch.
My first attempt at knitting with beads.  That part worked nicely. The green overskirt killed the look.  Hard to make a fashion model look fat but this did it!  I removed the cape before finishing off the dress. Well, anyone can make a mistake and this was one.
Wavy ruffle dress, waves on the ocean. With the hat, she sort of looks like a flight attendant.
Not a great result but they all can't be winners.  The skirt was too full and the purl stitch tends to curl under.
Beautiful pattern.  The dress is a bit stiff as I made it in #4 weight yarn.
The red drops are made by increasing in the stitch below and then decreasing.  Nice effect.
The white is done in garter stitch, the green in stocking stitch.  Snap closure at neck.  Boots and purse made from plastic canvas.  I started this one at the top which made it the first time I ever attached sleeves top down instead of bottom up.  Her broaches on collar and hat are a pair of earrings.
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