"Hold it right there!" Dr. Waldemar snapped.  "This portal is the property of the crown, which I represent.  You have to take it back immediately and with enough treasure to pay off your debt in losing our automated servants.  Otherwise you will be arrested for treason and hung!"

"We've been kidnapped!" Sir Cecil added.
"Stowaways!" Zane gave a short bark of laughter.  "Just what we didn't need.  You are free to go, anywhere you like.  Good luck getting back to your origional reality."
"You brought us here which makes you responsible for us until you can get us back home!" Miranda declared.
"Not possible," Dad responded.  "Once a portal has relocated, you can't budge it for another thousand years. You'd better fill out applications for citizenship here.  No kings or queens but the Sky Islands are a pretty place to live."

Jazzlyn grabbed the form and began filling it out.  She wanted to start her new life with Zane as soon as possible.  She had a trove of jewels that would serve to get them set up.
"Here we are,Zane," Jazzlyn said.  "This, if you agree, will be our new home.  I hope you like it."

"It looks fine from the outside," he said. 

"Well, it's not a big house but houses are expensive.  When we need a bigger house, we will be able to sell this one..."

"Let's just look inside," he said.  "We will worry about the future when it gets here.  Right now, I'm eager to see our new home."
"The kitchen has all the appliances and a pantry," Jazzlyn pointed out.  "I had the walls painted bright yellow.  Yellow is cheerful and vibrant, perfect for a room in which one does a lot of work.  Yellow will brighten both mind and spirits while preparing meals and preserving food.  The garage is through that door, as are the steps to the basement."

I think it's a good size," Jazzlyn stated.  "Not too small to hold what will be needed but not so big that one wastes energy with extra steps."

"I agree that it is bright and cheerful.  If you like it, that's what counts," Zane stated.  "It looks very nice."
"Our living room!" Jazzlyn said.  "It's got lots of space.  I'm not sure exactly what we should bring in but we can do that together.  Green is the colour of life and yet it is restful on the eyes.  It's a good colour for relaxing."

"Our bathroom.  The mirror isn't up yet but we have the essentials.  I chose pink because pink makes the bathroom seem warmer.  That's important for the room in which one bathes.
"This is our bedroom, a relaxing blue for a refreshing night's sleep," Jazzlyn said.  "I bought us a brand new set of furniture to go in it.  Still in the packaging.  I ran out of money at this point.  I can pick up a few things for the kitchen, plates and spoons, etc. but until we can earn more money, we will have to 'make do'.  The second bedroom is exactly like this one."

"It's great, Jazzlyn," Zane said.  "I'm impressed that you have managed to do so much in such a short time.  You sold all your treasures to buy this house."

Jazzlyn smiled.  "You are my treasure.  I'm glad you like the house.  I didn't sell all of my jewellery.  I kept a couple of pieces to wear at our wedding and a little money for the wedding.  It won't be a big wedding but it will be a happy one."

He smiled at her.  "Since I'll be marrying you, I'll be happy enough for an entire crowd.  There is one thing.  I hate to ask this of you but do you think we could invite Daire and Arabelle to live in our house?  It makes sense.  They have plenty of furniture but no house while we have a house but no furniture.  We can share the costs.  It won't be forever but just until we all get established."
Jazzlyn thought about it.  A sister-wife who wasn't a Rose?  Yet, sharing costs did sound appealing and Daire was Zane's brother.  Zane wanted this, which might mean that Daire was in a tough situation.  While Jazzlyn had brought a large quantitiy of precious jewellery with her, none of the others had been able to.  It would be harmonious to share her good fortune with her new family.  Harmony was important to fairies, even former fairies.  Sharing would make Zane, Daire, and Arabelle happy which would make her, Jazzlyn, happy too. She agreed.  That did indeed make Zane happy which made her very happy indeed.  Yes, this would work out splendidly.