My dolls want to get married and to do that they need a church and a place for the reception.  The chosen date: May 16, 2021!  This gives me a huge challenge.  Can I build a church and reception area with chairs, tables, altar etc. in time?  (Actually, it will be a chapel instead of a full scale church.)  We shall see.
Just a simple chair made out of 7 mesh plastic canvas.  You can see the pattern pieces.  To make the chair, cut two each of the back and seat and six of middle piece, the sides and front.  Glue them in pairs: 1 back, 1 seat, + 3 sides.  I braced the sides when gluing them to the back.  While the glue was tacky, I put the piece upright and glued in the front and seat.  Then let dry.  As you can see it fits him very well.  I made 16 of these chairs.  They're not fancy but will do for the wedding.  One problem solved.
On to the banquet table, a trestle table.  Again, using 7 mesh plastic canvas.  This was my first attempt.  Even though everything was measured correctly it slanted terribly.  It looks worse in person.  It simply won't do!  Oh, well, start again and maybe this time I'll get it right.  Maybe I shouldn't have included this mistake but making mistakes is a big part of the learning experience.  Not making mistakes means it's too easy....and boring.  It won't be wasted because I can simply soak off the glue and use the plastic canvas on another project.
Now THIS is a banquet table!  13,1/2 inches long and 3,1/4 inches wide, I can fit my 16 chairs around it.  Because this table has to support weight and maintain its shape, I made very sure to build it tough.  The table top is made of four pieces of plastic canvas and the + legs are long as well as wide.  Each is a double layer.   I took the cut out squares left over from cutting out the chairs (waste not, want not) trimmed them and made added supports out of them.  In each of the eight corners (top and bottom) of each + leg, I put a little square block of four.  That should do the trick!  This is a table I can load up with food and plates....right, I need to make a wedding cake...and a kitchen to bake it in.  Oh well, this is a good start.