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Skirt and stole were made in Sand Stitch.  The skirt is 60 stitches around and it took a full 50 gram ball of yarn to make this outfit.  Probably a #4 weight yarn but it wasn't marked.
This little black dress is brightened up by a rib stitch ruffle. 
Every guy needs a basic blue suit.  Well, that's what they say.  This one isn't great but not a bad place to start.  Improvements to follow.  I hope.
Couldn't resist the name, considering the skunk strip down the back, made with a dozen separate bands.  Purse and the hat's ruffle was knitted.  The rese of the hat was made with plastic canvas.  Necklace of black size 11 beads.  A stunning study in black and white.
Off the shoulder sleeves and the design was made by bringing up loops, after the dress was knitted, and binding them off.  Makes a nice raised pattern.
Dress has two petals, one light and one dark purple. Extra long bodice on this one gives a slight drop waist.
Can you tell I'm praying that the bride changes her mind about this turkey?  I've got the dress, the necklace, and the flowers.  Now what I need is a case of 'flu!  Was I really that mean to her?
I'm sorry!  Honest!
Skirt and hat were made in Irish Moss stitch in varicoloured yarn.  The shoes were made from the same yarn but look slightly different due to the different stitch used.
Very popular design on mittens.  Looks good on her too. 
Getting ready for the Valentine's party.  Cake's baked. Simple dress with ruffle and diagonal stripes.
Hearts Aglow outfits.  Dressed for the occasion in bright red, pink and white.  Her Valentine dress has a clear glass heart sewn to the bodice.  The stuffed heart they are both holding was made with plastic canvas.His sweater has a snap closure at the back.  Happy Valentine's Day!!

This party dress is made with Roman stitch and features an asymetrical beaded peplum.  Matching hair ornament.  So off to the party.
Skirt made in hurdle stich.  Makes a nice texture.
Horizontal stripes.  It occured to me that I didn't have an outfit on this page with real horizontal stripes. 
This dress was made in tiers using pinhole increases.  Used the natural tendency to curl for the decorative 'roll up' that matches the purl stitch at the vey top. 
Well, this one didn't turn out so well.  It will serve its purpose, making a little girl happy, but it's far from gorgeous. 
Simple but cute.  the rib stitch of the skirt made it puff out nicely.  Very cute.
Not a ruffle this time but a short cape. Skirt and cape are made in garter stitch. Plastic canvas hat.
Bright and breezy is this dress for spring.  Slippers and bag to match.
Knitted slippers for spring and matching hat make the look complete.  Blue skies, green grass and flowers galore.
Pseudo medieval look with attached cape and matching bag as our heroine makes her way through the flowers with the reddest rose of all. 
Saint Patrick's Day dress.  Sixty stitches around, four ruffles and a shamrock pattern in the only two greens I had that didn't spit at one another.  Matching plastic canvas top hat.  Parade dress because it is a shade longer than the doll, meant for standing on a float and waving to the crowd.
Garter ridge stitch gown with matching shrug. 
Easter egg dress in 2 weight yarn.  The skirt is actually a 60 stitch width but the difference in weight makes it look like a 40. 
Made in diagonal seed stitch with purl stitch puff sleeves and puff at bottom. Wasn't sure if the shaping of the bodice would throw off the stitch but it came out nice.
Knitted this one in a 4 weight yarn so the bell shape is rather stiff.  Also knitted the little boots.  11 stitch rounds fitted quite well.
Got the size right and the collar was distinctive.  Good improvement at last!  Looking good.
Mermaid/merman costumes get in the swim of things.  Tails were done in stamen stitch and fins in2x2 rib. Definitely time to go fishing.
Very pleased with this dress.  Tiers just right, so it's a fitting tribute to Mother's Day.
The purple swags didn't come out quite like I expected but that's half the fun.  It was a good experiment.
Andalusian stitch and ribbon swags capped with a butterfly make this dress a show stopper.
Formal Navy Uniform to salute our military.  Happy Canada Day and Victoria Day.
Diamonds are a girl's best friend, they say.  Blue, pink, green, and yellow. Visor to top off the outfit.
The design on the skirt looks like flowers and leaves.  Nice effect.
Flying Geese pattern on the skirt.  Striped bodice adds some punch.
Basic dress with purl rounds in yellow.
The flames in this skirt were made by increasing and decreasing.
The raised design was knitted first and then knit into the dress.  Cute technique.
The waves of this mermaid style dress are flowing in opposite directions.
My first bathing suit turned out quite nice. 
Design on skirt done in yellow purl to give it a lift.  Purple triangle in top.
Stripes and cape sleeves give this dress a lift.  Almost flying away.
As you can see, the light was highly erratic and the background not so great.  Still the costumes were good and the food looked pretty good too. 
Attempt to make a better background, a proper stage for the dolls.  Wooden stools and tables and plant stands.  Pictures and disco ball light add a festive touch.  Refreshments on the table.
Kick back and enjoy.  Improvements are coming.
Jacket with hood and pants to match.  Ready for a blustery day.
Diamonds made from plastic canvas embelish this dress.  Worked out nicely.
Skirt made in sand stitch with garter ridge bands of purple and yellow.  Very effective.
Top has embroidered insert knitted in.  Skirt's unusual texture was made by increasing and decreasing.
Knitted metal rings into skirt.  Same technique as knitting with beads.
Figure skating costume is a variation on the bathing suit.  With a big puffy skirt.
Summer Treat has rib stitch ruffles and a skirt in stamen stitch.  Very effective.
Second prize.  Thank you.
Second prize.  Thank you.
Second prize.  Thank you.
No prize.  The tree had fallen over which wouldn't have helped.  Here it is as it should have been.
Not a winner but a charming pair.
Second prize.  Thank you.
Just the right height to serve as a chair and plenty of storage space in the seat.
Happy Halloween!  Fairy costume with treats laid out and sword in hand...in case a trick is required.
Blue and white came out just right.
Quick and easy for the girl on the go.  Skirt made with broken rib stitch.
An explosion of polka-dots!   Bright and beautiful.
Skirt done in Pebble Stitch.  Now to choose which shoes to wear with the next outfit.  A model's life requires lots of new clothes and accessories.  It just never quits.  I hope.
Merry Christmas to one and all.  This brings the first year of this site to an end.  66 doll outfits, 4 prizes from the fair and some improvements in accessories and background.  A very good year.  Planning to make 2016 an even better one. Hope you have enjoyed visiting and will come back again.
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