"Where am I?" Rose cried.  "What is this strange place?  Why, everything is white and it's cold and so very weird!  I don't think I like it here.  Why, there isn't a flower or a berry to be seen anywhere!"

She hiccuped, sending a gush of warm honey from her gathering stomach to her digestive stomach. Her metabolism kicked up a notch to help her combat the cold.   She was shivering now but it wasn't so cold that she couldn't fly.  That was a relief.  She would fly out of this weird place into someplace real.  This might very well be just a dream.  She had passed out when she crossed the threashold to this place...whatever it was. 

This wasn't what she had expected at all!  She had expected to find another Enchanted Meadow almost exactly like home!  Her talisman might be defective.  Surely, it should have known that she needed a warm, flower-filled, meadow!

Well, maybe she had simply landed in a bad spot.  She'd fly up and see.  There must be a tree or bush where she could get a decent look at her surroundings.  Winter was deceptive, which was why fairies always spent the entire winter in their hives, warm and snug.  She wished she was in her hive right now!

"Oh, this can't be right!" Rose exlaimed.  "There's nothing but white, white, and more white!  No trees, no bushes, no flowers, no comfort, no happiness!  Oh, I do wish I had never come here!  All over a stupid boy!  I don't even like him!"  She blinked as she realized what she had just said.  "Of course!  It's winter now.  Wedding season is over for me.  Mother was right!  Buttercup was never my own true love, because now that my hormones have dropped, I no longer care about him.  Instead of being a Prince Charming, he's only a spoiled brat.  Well, that's a relief.  I do feel so much better now, in spite of the cold. I think I'll just go on home where I belong.  I left my hive and I have so many plans to improve it this winter.  I also have a lot of reading to catch up on.  That's what winter is for, to take care of all the things one just hasn't time to do while polinating plants and gathering honey and making sweet jams and jellies."
"MY WINGS!!!  Look at my wings!  They're huge and gorgeous!  Oh,how happy I am!  It was worth all the effort and heartache to become so beautiful!  I'm so pretty now that when I go home all girls will admire me and the boys will be in love with me....next wedding season."

Rose preened and admired her new wings.  "I wonder what changed?  The rest of me didn't change.  I do hope my wings won't return to their former state when I return home.  They are just so pretty!  I'm so pretty now!  Why, there isn't a fairy as pretty as me in the entire Enchanted Meadow!  They're so big and strong!  I'll be able to harvest twice as much pollen and nectar as any other fairy.  Maybe my babies will also have beautiful big wings.  Wonderful!  I'll just fly around a bit more.  I've got lots of honey.  Then when I've seen all there is to see here....and I'm very sure there isn't much to see, I'll go home!  Travel is broadening and very worthwhile!"

"Weird upon weird," Rose decided as she looked at the massive wall.  "Could these be brood cells for babies?  Pretty primitive, if you ask me.  Our babies get much better accomodations and one mother couldn't possibly take care of all these cells.  They must not be good parents.  Why, what mother could take care of all these babies?  Maybe they are like caterpillars?  The babies will break out of the cells and start eating.....but there is nothing to eat."  

"Maybe this wall is just decorative...pretty primitive if you ask me. It's only circles and dots.  I'm sick of white, white, white, nothing but white.  I never knew how much I love colour until now.  If only there was a splash of green or blue...anything!"

"Well, I will look around a little more and then I will go home," Rose decided.  "Oh how wonderful home will seem.  I'll snuggle in my hive, all cozy and warm, do the home improvements I've been putting off and read the latest stories.  I'll decorate the nursery for next year.  Next year, I'm sure to marry a real Prince Charming, not a spiteful little toad."
"Good!  Finally a solid surface on which to rest my wings!  Whew, flying in this cold certainly gives one an appetite!  Why, I was stuffed when I arrived but now I feel as if I could eat my entire jar of honey in one meal!  I won't do that but I will eat as much as I can hold.  It will give me strength.  Well, I have been here quite as long as I wish.  This place is just too strange!  It's time to move on....to go home.  I'll have to take a piece of this white stuff with me to show to my friends.  I just wish there was more to see in this barren place.  It's all white, white, white and my eyes are tearing up under the strain.  Why, sometimes this place looks grey to me!  Only shadows but it's all so still and creepy!  I want to go home."

"Take my home, talisman!" Rose commanded, after she had finished eating.  "I'm tired and I want to go home, where I belong!"

Nothing happened. 

"Take me home, PLEASE, pretty talisman," Rose cooed at  it.  "Be a sweety and open the door to my own place.  I've been away for a long time.  My friends will be worried about me.  You wouldn't want them to worry, now would you?  Please take me home, talisman."

Nothing happened.

"Oh dear!  You can't be broken, now can you?" she asked frantically.  "I simply can't stand this place!  Please work!  Open the door and let me go home!"

Nothing happened.

"Well, maybe it needs more time to recharge?" Rose asked hopefully.  "I'll give it just a little longer and try again.  Maybe I can find shelter for the night, someplace warm.  Once it is warm again, maybe it will work."
She lifted off and slowly flew over the strange terrain, looking for shelter instead she discovered two strange creatures.....pure white of course.

"They will help me!"  Rose said delightedly.  "They are smiling.  They look very friendly.  I'm saved!  I'll fly in and ask them for assistance.  They are such curious looking creatures, I just have to get a closer look!  What fun!"