"Oh, I am so disappointed!  My Prince Charming has abandoned me!  He swore he loved me and he kissed me so sweetly to prove it.  Yet, now he has gone home to his mother!"

"You can't be as disappointed as I am, Rose!  He was my Knight in Shining Armour and he chose to go home to Mommy instead of becoming my own true love.  He said that I was his Lavender, the sweetest of flowers!"

"He told you that, Lavender?  He told me that I was his Rose, the most beautiful of all flowers.  We've both lost him and are sisters in misfortune."  She sighed.  "You know sometimes I wish we didn't all get the same name.  All red haired girls are named Rose while dark haired girls are Lavender and dark-pink haired girls are always named Peony. A girl wants to feel special!  He made me feel very special but I don't suppose he really thought I was special."

"He should have asked us both to marry him, instead of calling for his Mommy," Lavender said stoutly.  "We could have shared him, even though it would have been so much better to have him all to myself.  We would have loved him and taken care of him forever and forever."

"Cheer up!" Peony said settling down near them.  "You both can still marry him.  His Mommy says that his running away and flirting proves that he's old enough to marry this fall!  Isn't that just perfect?  Harvest is over and now it's time for weddings!  What feasting and celebrations we will have before winter sets in!  If the three of us go together, I'm sure we can afford to marry him!  Wouldn't that be just lovely?"

"That would be very nice," Rose said, somewhat woefully, "but he won't be mine alone.  He did promise me that.  Now he will be married to my two best friends, as well as me.  It's good to share but it would have been so romantic if he loved only me."

"Be reasonable, Rose!" Peony said impatiently.  "That's your hormones talking.  Boys are very expensive and they require a great deal of care.  It's much better to share out the cost and trouble! Besides, there simply aren't enough boys for every girl to get one.  It's selfish to keep a boy all to yourself and you wouldn't want to be selfish!"

"Peony is very right," Lavender sighed mournfully.  "It was such a beautiful dream but one can't ask a boy to actually DO anything.  It's the girls that do the work, build the hives, make the rules, plant and harvest.  Right now we have the time to take good care of him but in the spring we will have babies to raise and flowers to plant and spring cleaning and all kinds of important, necessary, things to do.  We won't have time to make sure he doesn't wander off, or get into mischief.  Between the three of us, we should be able to manage but no one girl can handle a boy all by herself....not when she has a baby to take care of as well.  A girl would have to choose between having a baby and taking proper care of her husband...and what good is having a husband if you can't have babies?  We do want babies...very much!"

Rose nodded.  "You are right! We must not be selfish.  We may be mothers in the spring and must set a very good example for our daughters.  We three will marry him and we will share the work and cost equally.  There!  That's harmony and happiness!"
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"Six wives?"  The three fairies stared aghast at their adored future husband.

"Of course, I want six wives!" he declared.  "With six wives, two can wait on me at all times while the others work.  I deserve the finest of silks and honey and a beautiful bower.  I want two Peonies, two Roses, and two Lavenders.  Six wives should be enough, if you all work hard.  Remember that there are lots of Roses, Peonies, and Lavenders but only one Buttercup....me!"

"You said you were my Prince charming!" Rose reminded him.  "You swore you loved me, alone!  I'm willing to share you with my two best friends, for harmony."

"That's not half good enough for me!" he insisted.  "I'll have six adoring wives to serve me honey and jam and see to my every need.  I have big plans, too important to discuss with mere girls.  Girls are only good at mundane tasks, not brilliant inspirations.  You have to agree to my terms.  There are lots of girls but I'm the only boy left.  You either marry me or you won't marry this fall."
"I'll marry someone a lot nicer than you!" Rose blurted out in anger.  "I can go through a portal and find a Real Prince Charming!  He will think I'm special and love only me!  He'll be glad to!"

"Rose!  Go through a portal?" Lavender squealed in shock.  "You wouldn't dare!"

There was a babble of scandalized exclamations.  "How absurd!"  "Over a boy?"  "Leave the Enchanted Meadow?"  What about the flowers?"  "Impossible!" 

"You'd really do that for me?" Buttercup asked in awe.  "Wow! I'm absolutely fabulous.  Maybe I should ask for eight girls."

"Not for YOU!" Rose snapped.  "I told you that I want someone better than you!  My harvest was very good.  I could afford to marry you but I don't want to.  The portal keeper was right.  You are a toad!"  Rose was hopping mad and didn't care that she wasn't being polite.

"You're just jealous because you are nothing but a common Rose," Buttercup shot back.  "I'm special!"

"Special?  You will stuff yourself on honey and grow fat!" Rose accused.  "You'll be such a pest (and such a fat slug!) that all your wives will abandon you to starve and die of the cold.  So there!" 

She flew off before he could think of a response.  She tried not to hear his laughter.  She'd show him, show them all!  She was a good fairy, smart, hardworking, and sociable.  She didn't deserve to be mocked by a useless drone....no matter how handsome, how irresistible.....NO!  She'd do it!  She'd run away!