Interlude:  I'm sorry to have fallen behind in posting.  There were two reasons for that.  The first was the shockingly sudden death of Cinnamon Cyclone on July 8th, due to liver disease.  She was just a few months short of her fourth birthday.  The second reason is a much happier one.  Meet Sienna Zigzag who joined our household on August 29th.  She's a bouncing baby who has made a big impact on all our lives. Just the cutest little scamp, she takes some looking after. LOL
"I hate to tell you this, but I don't think it is the toy she's after."
"What did I tell you?  She's got a taste for shoelaces!  Now that she's tasted them you'll never persuade her to let go!"
See how much bigger I am?  I'm now taller than my baby crate.  Hey, did I leave a cookie behind in my old crate?"
"Why yes, I love my niece very much.  Hey, I let her live this long didn't I?  Seriously, I'm sure she will grow into a beautiful lady one day."
"Yes, I am what they call a 'going concern'.  I get going and they get concerned.  They are proving to be trainable but they are a lot of work.  Worth it though."
"Always remember:  It's not your ALTITUDE that counts; it's your ATTITUDE!"
"Now everyone tells me what a good boy I am!  I don't mess on the floor....Good Boy!  I don't chew things I shouldn't......Good Boy!  I come when I'm called and know lots of other tricks......What a Good Boy!  I am a very good boy and I've got a playmate too.  Life is sweet.
Sienna has graduated from Anne McDonald's K-9 Concepts Puppy Class.  We are hoping to continue her education.  Every single puppy I've ever had has taken her K-9 Concepts puppy class and enjoyed it.It's a shame that more people don't progess beyond the basic puppy class.  There are plenty of other classes to take and you don't have to have any more pressing goal than you want to enjoy playing with your dog.  The dogs love training classes as they love getting treats, and praise, and the satisfaction of doing the right thing.  Life can be pretty boring for dogs and this is a weekly night out for them.  They get to meet other dogs, learn tricks and get yummy treats.  They get to feel that they are important and appreciated.  The owner learns how to get a happier, better behaved dog.  Everyone wins!
What do you mean I'm not supposed to be on the sofa?  No one ever mentioned anything about that in class.  It's comfortable here.  Well, I will consider your request but I think it's just a bit unreasonable.  After all I am a proud graduate now.  My manners have been educated!

Okay, I've considered and it is my opinion that I didn't hear anything or see anything.  Therefore your opinion didn't register and doesn't count.  Right?  That works for me!  LOL