"You have been a gracious hostess, Portal Keeper but it is time we were going.  Your portal is going to close very soon.  I do wish we could give you something.  That would be so polite and we always strive to be polite," the red haired fairy said.

"How about a flower?" Arabelle said.  There were tons of flowers out there and it would be an interesting specimen.

"A flower?" exclaimed the dark haired fairy in dismay.  "Oh dear!  Oh, dear, I'm very sorry but we can't possibly give you a flower!  Without our flowers...it's simply impossible. If we give you a flower we might not have enough!  It's very important to have enough flowers.  Why, whatever should we do if we didn't have enough flowers?"

"Oh, dear!  I was rather thinking of giving you some of our wisdom," the red haired fairy said.  "We fairies are so very wise and can see past and future as well as present.  I'm sure that would be much more use to you than one of our flowers."

"Yes!" the dark haired fairy said.  "Wisdom is the perfect gift.  I'll go first.  You are interested in a male. He's very big and ugly but you don't seem to mind that," she said with a shudder.  "So unlike....but never mind that.  You won't marry him.  He doesn't care for you, not like that. So, you had better not get too attached to him.  There!  That's my gift."

"What she says is quite true but don't be disappointed.  You're going to get something better than a boy!" the red haired fairy said excitedly.  She patted her hair.  "You're going to get hair that will make you feel so very pretty every time you look in a mirror! Now that's a gift!"
"I don't think I can fly," the boy fairy protested.  "I had so much jam I feel heavy."

"Oh we will help you!" the girls choroused. "We girls are very strong flyers."

"You're sure you won't accidentally drop me?" he demanded. "I don't want to get bruised.  You will have to be very careful with me."

"We are always careful.  We wouldn't want you to get bruised!  Why you are our Prince Charming and Knight in Shining Armour.  We won't drop you accidentally and we won't let you get hurt!  Why, how could you think such a thing of us," both girls said as one.

"I suppose it's all right," he said.  "Since you are co-ordinated, it should be a smooth flight.  Just be careful not to fly too high.  I don't like it when you fly too high.  But, don't fly too low either.  If you fly too low my feet might hit something.  Oh, and not too fast.  I don't like flying too fast.  I want to fly all across the meadow."
"You dropped me!  You silly girls!  I'm stuck in a flower!  Come get me out at once!  You promised you wouldn't drop me!"

"Oh, we promised that we wouldn't drop you by accident!" the girl fairies exclaimed.  "We dropped you on purpose! You must admit that is quite different!"

"Get me out of here!"

"But of course we will!  Just as soon as you promise not to kiss other girls."

"Now are you my Prince Charming?" asked the red haired fairy.

"Or, are you my Knight in Shining Armour?" asked the dark haired fairy. 

"It's a very simple question," the red haired fairy said.  "I'm sure it won't be too much trouble and we really do need to know."

"You have to choose," the dark haired fairy stated. "If you choose me I will get you out and take you home.  As long as you promise that I am your one and only and that you won't kiss any other girl...not ever."

"If you choose me I will get you out of there and take you home and you will be my Prince Charming forever!" the red haired fairy said.  "Wouldn't that be so lovely?"

"Wouldn't you rather be my Knight in Shining Armour?" asked the dark haired fairy.  "Knights are just so gallant, don't you agree?  Knight in Shining Armour is a longer title than Prince Charming which I really feel makes it more impressive."

"A Knight isn't nearly as impressive as a Prince," the red haired fairy informed him, "let alone a charming prince.  You will be much happier as my Prince Charming.  You will be my very own and you won't kiss any girl but me forever and ever!  Happily ever after, you see.  How perfect!"
"Mommy!!  Help! Mommy!  They're being mean to me!  Mommy!"