"Would you look at this place!" Arabelle exclaimed.  "It's just full of flowers.  The ground is simply covered with them.  Why hello, little blue bug.  Aren't you a funny little guy.  Then again you are much larger than an insect on my world would be.  It must be a very peaceful place here. You don't look like you sting and you don't seem to blend into your surroundings. No enemies?  Nothing that likes to eat bugs?" 
"I am looking for my Prince Charming!" the fairy declared. 

Arabelle quickly sat down to avoid towering over her guest.  She didn't want to frighten this tiny child/lady. "I haven't seen any Prince Charmings," she said.  "I'm sorry.  I do wish I could help you but I haven't seen him."

"You're not just saying that?" the waif demanded.  "My Prince Charming is just so handsome and charming that all the girls want him.  But he is in love with me and me alone.  Somehow he wandered off.  I do hope he hasn't been lured away. I would be very upset if he was flirting with another girl."

"Of course you would be upset but I haven't seen him.  You are the first of your people that I have ever met."

"Well, it's about time you met us, portal keeper," the fairy said.  "We have a most important realm and anyone who is anyone comes to visit.  But right now, we are harvesting flowers...or rather their nectar and pollen. There is a great deal to do.  But, how can I concentrate on anything when I can't find my Prince Charming?  It's so frustrating."
"There you are!" squeaked another fairy, landing on the ledge of the portal.  "I've been looking for you, everywhere! I have the most tremendous news. I am in love with a knight in shining armour.  Isn't that simply adorable?  My own true love and I've found him!"

"Oh, that is wonderful!  We must celebrate at once!  And then we will find my Prince Charming.  I do have a Prince Charming you know."  She turned to Arabelle.  "Oh, please, Portal Keeper, couldn't you give us some jam or jelly?  We love jams and jellies!"

Arabelle nodded.  Naturally, flower fairies who harvest nectar would indeed love sweet jam.  "I do have some jam. We will have our own little party.  It will just take a moment to set up."
A boy fairy landed clumsily on the ledge.  "Do I smell jam?"

"My prince!"
"My knight!"

The two girl faires looked at one another and spluttered daintily. They turned to the boy fairy who shrugged.

"So, I'm irresistible!" he said, and pouted.  "All the girls want me, you know.  I can't help it.  I'm just so very handsome and so very, very sweet.  My kisses are nectar."

Arabelle spread jam on toast for her guests as she listened to the two girls quarrelling prettily and sweetly.   Aparently it was not done to get mad, not even when one discovered one's boyfriend was fooling around with one's friend. Considering the prize they were fighting over, Arabelle was lucky not to be a fairy!  So much for childish dreams.  She'd stay Aesir where the men were men....like Daire.  Daire had much more charm than this 'irresistible' little sprout, not to mention being handsome instead of looking like somebody's irritating baby brother....or sister.

It seemed as if men were scarce among fairy-kind.  They had to be if this girly-boy was hot enough to be fought over by two girls. 

However, it was not her place to judge.  She spred some sugar on the jam and placed a plate in front of each fairy.

"OOh! I do love jam!" squeaked one of the girls.

"And, it's sprinkled with sugar!" the other girl pointed out happily.  "I do love sugar."

"If you love me, you'll let me have yours!" the boy declared greedily.

"There's enough for everyone," Arabelle said. "Do enjoy yourselves."

"That's being a good hostess," the red-headed fairy said approvingly.  "One always strives to make one's guest feel welcome.  Jam makes us feel very welcome, doesn't it?"

"Oh, yes," the dark haired fairy responded immediately.  "Jam makes us feel very welcome...especially with sugar toppings!"

"Portal Keeper, do you have a Prince Charming?  Or a Knight in Shining Armour?  I think you have very good jam," said the boy.

The poor girl fairies didn't like that at all.  Arabelle assured them that there was a man she was interested in and she really couldn't use a Prince Charming or Knight in Shining Armour.

The fairies unrolled tubes from inside their mouths, just like butterflies, and sucked up the jam so quickly, it was gone before Arabelle could take a bite of her own piece of toast and jam.  She picked up the knife and covered the bare toast with more jam and sugar.  These fairies really had a sweet tooth.  Not that they seemed to have any teeth so Arabelle would have to find another way to say they just loved sweets.
"I do love a good party!" the boy fairy said.  "I have been to three other parties this week but this one has jam.  Nectar and honey are delicious but jam is a special treat."

"What do you mean, three parties?" the red haired fairy asked.  "We didn't give any parties."

"Well, I am irresistible," he said smugly.  "Don't you think so, Portal Keeper?"

Arabelle looked away to hide her reaction.  Why that shameless little toad!  She didn't want to be rude to the girls by insulting the sprout but he had a few loose peas in his pod. 

"There's too big a difference in size between us," Arabelle said, trying to be diplomatice.  "I prefer men of my own species thank you."

"That doesn't mean you can't find me irresistible!" he pouted. 
"Portal Keepers only find their portals irresistible," the girls explained.  "Why don't we all enjoy this lovely jam and be perfectly happy?"