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My New Year's Eve gown.  The skirt was created by knitting two strands at once, white in 3 weight and blue in 2 weight yarn.  Lovely effect.  Topped off with a double corsage in pearl beads connected with seed beads. A pearl tiara to match, a pearl necklace and bracelets add plenty of snowy glitter.  His outfit has a snowflake front and back with an extra wide opening at the neck.  This makes it much easier to put on and take off. A necessary consideration when one is knitting doll clothes for children.
A happy new year brings new resolutions.  Mine is to expand the possibilities by making more accessories, including furniture.  You can see that the Barbie table and chairs are way too small for me.  It's so depressing!  It's not just that I am taller than Barbie.  She seems to like sitting on the floor.  (I heard the poor girl has joint problems.)  Not for me!  I want furniture made to fit me and with a little creativity, there is no reason why I can't make my own.
I'm here at the Art Gallery to pick up my new table and chairs!  Made from layered plastic canvas, this is a set I can use without looking like Snow White in the Seven Dwarfs' home.  The pattern for the chairs and the tablecloth are in 'Fashion Doll Country Kitchen" by Donna Kooler.  The table cloth is removable and there are two patterns given for tablecloths so I can change the look any time I wish.  This also allows me to expand the table to seat 6 instead of 4.  Very nice, giving one a choice.  I really like that!  With my Christmas present of a tea set on the table and my new party dress, I'm ready to celebrate.  The beaded V on my dress is plastic canvas with beads sewn on. It's a little touch with big impact.
A new corner cabinet!  Made from layered plastic canvas and adapted from the pattern in 'Fashion Doll Country Kitchen' by Donna Kooler.  My New Year's Resolution is off to a flying start!  (And, Yes, the doors do open and close.)
A wide view of the kitchen now that the table, chairs, and corner cabinet have been installed. 
The skirt is made in mistake rib stitch and the strip extending from skirt to top of the bodice has flower beads sewn to it. 
The bed was made from plastic canvas.  It's also a trinket box as the mattress is the lid.  I adapted the bed from the pattern booklet 'Plastic Canvas Fashion Doll Bedroom' by Don Franzmeier.  I liked the pattern for the rug better than the mattress pattern, so that was the one I used.
Pretty dress, it has off the shoulder bell sleeves.  I sewed a rose button to the bodice as a broach.
A girl has to have shoes and purses, and hats. That means I have to have a place to put them.  Whether you wish to call it a shoe cabinet or a curio cabinet, it does the trick.  By standing on the top of the bottom drawer, I can easily reach the top shelves.  There's even a bit of extra room for new things.  You know there will be new things. LOL.
Blue with white bands, this is a classic dress.  A cold winter's day is the perfect time to curl up with a good book.  Let the wind roar, I'm cozy and content.
Thinking of spring with light pastels and new green.  Shrugs are a handy way to have long sleeves without making the dress as hard for a child to use as one with attached long sleeves.
Valentine's Day Party! 
I've got a backless, high collar dress with pink ruffles and a pink heart on the bodice.  (One isn't supposed to wear one's heart on one's sleeve after all. lol.)  This is my first backless dress.  The collar has a snap on it.  The matching purse adds a bit of a twist being pink and white on the front and white and pink on the back.  He's got a basic blue suit with two white bands to break up the ocean of blue. We are ready to hit the dance floor.  Happy Valentine's Day to all!
My friend Tanya gave me this lonely, orphaned earring. She said she'd like to see what I would make of it.  So, here it is.  LOL.  I soldered the little chain and the loop for the clasp and then soldered them to the earring.  Unfortunately, it's not a good idea to give a child anything that has been soldered as there is lead in the solder.  Looks very nice but not child friendly.  Maybe next time.  
Tanya's Necklace wasn't safe for a child because of the solder.  So, I made some child friendly necklaces.  The last picture shows how.  I took small pieces of plastic canvas, used yarn to cover the plastic and connect them.  I sewed on the beads and the snap. 
Mardis Gras is here.  This iris-inspired costume is in the traditional Mardis Gras colours of purple, gold, and green.  The crown is plastic canvas as are the cuffs holding the petal sleeves to my arms.  The gold ruffle extends down past the waist.  Flowers and fairy princesses are always a popular theme.  With a bundle of 'throws' for the crowd, it's time to revel.
What could be brighter and more cheerful than orange and yellow?   Just a nice dress.  After all, I can't party every day.  Can I? LOL.
Whether you are taking care of business or saving the world, a good office with a good computer is a must. 
New technique, embroidering the skirt with gold ribbon.  I kept it very simple for the initial attempt.  It worked and looks very good.  I may get more ambitious with ribbons in future.
Wild and wooly fringe!  This one made everyone laugh.  I am kicking up my heels tonight and letting rip!  Time to party!  The fringe was made with lark's head knot.  Intriguing name, isn't it?
A classic evening gown for a gala event.  Romance and excitement are sure to be the agenda for tonight.
  Happy Easter!  Flowers and eggs and Easter bunnies.  Topped off with a classic Easter bonnet.  Celebrating Easter and spring.
Tweed stitch was used for the skirt.  The crocheted embellishment was added afterwards.
My lovely Easter present. I thought you'd like to see it too.
Stamen stitch bodice and the skirt has a crocheted strip fed through an increase stitch.  A nice technique that could be used effectively for future embellishments.
Clad in 'buckskin'with his coonskin cap, boots and powder horn, our hero carries his long, flintlock rifle (made from polymer clay) and leads his ox cart through the wilderness.  The ox and cart were handcrafted by George and Ella from wood and leather.  The scale is off but the ox and cart are such a great addition to a pioneer scene that we won't quibble about that. lol.  The painting is by Ella and many thanks for both the ox and cart and the painting.
Back to the modern day but at the same site.  The rose and brown sweater was made of beaded rib stitch, another first for me.  It's quite effective.
A pretty little summer dress, bright and bold.
My mother complimented this dress when I made it, which is why I chose it as the Mother's Day dress.  Hope every mother has a super day and many more!  It's made with Sand stitch and Garter stitch.  Simple but effective.
The dolls are from the Jem and the Holograms line by Integrity.  In the cartoon, these two characters met and fell in love. After typical cartoon misunderstandings, he proposed and she accepted.  The engagement was to be their secret until the time was right.  Maybe it's finally the right time as he came out in March of this year.  She's been waiting for three years for her man.  Worth the wait.  He's cute!
I made the two in the middle first.  My mother said they were cute but much too big, too out of scale to look right.  Well, I had intended them more as baskets but I decided she was right.  (Why are mothers like that? LOL) So here they are, the big and the small.  I had to glue the snaps on because they're too small to get the needle through without going through the back.  Each opens and can hold something small.  In some cases, very small! LOL
We are here at the scenic overlook at Abbotsford.  Romantic place to visit, to  celebrate Father's Day and show off our new clothing.   It was a very nice day and we enjoyed our visit. 
Two shades of dusky rose in a diamond in diamond pattern and crocheted white ribbon ties.  They tie in back.  It came out very nice.
Happy Father's Day.  His dual coloured shirt has a wide opening at the neck with shoulder straps that snap at the back. This makes it easier to get it on yet still looks nice.  It's an improvement. Hopefully more to come.  Swaping the colours around was for pure fun.  Standard black pants.
The lower part was made by knitting two strands of #2 weight yarn.  The main body is made in Roman stitch.  Purse is one pictured at the top and you can see it fits her nicely.  Just a casual, fun outfit.
The long skirt was made with Pebble stitch.  The ribbon is the knitted band at the top of the bodice combining a decorative frill with very short sleeves.  The purse was shown above and you can see the scale now.
Purple and more purple.  Seems rather a country outfit to me, so it's just right for the village of Abbotsford.  Off to meet the locals.
I've heard of cats getting stuck in trees but this was a first.  But below you see the reason.  She had four little kittens in that tree hollow.  Fortunately, Mama cat was adopted by a neighbour who was quite surprised to hear that her cat had kittens.  After the first shock, she welcomed the kittens as well.  Cute little things aren't they? Good luck to them all.