Jazzlyn is hard at work, getting her jewellery store ready to open.  The door, that was supposed to be locked, bangs open and a strange woman barges in.  She holds up a book.  "I'd like to have this gift wrapped," the woman said.  "Your sign says you offer free gift wrapping."
Jazzlyn leaves her work and goes to the counter.  "The offer clearly states that the free gift wrapping is only on items purchased in this store," she pointed out.  "I am sorry but your book doesn't qualify."
"Oh nonsense!  It's the spirit that counts!" the non-customer stated.  "Good customer relations is essential to any business!  Oh, I know you can't do this for everyone but you can certainly do it for me!  It isn't as if you have anything better to do.  I'm the only customer you have!  Do hurry up, Dearie!  I'm a very important person with a great deal of important matters to attend to.  My time is precious!"
"I simply MUST say you've overdosed on the hair dye!  It's past garish!  It's a clown's wig!  Now my hair is naturally red. Just look at how wonderful my hair looks, how radiant.  Of course, we can't all be born beautiful but you could try!  Take my advice.  Let your hair go back to it's natural mouse brown.  Something average and common would suit you much better.

Don't bother to thank me but do hurry with my wrapping.  I want my book wrapped in light purple with a gold bow."

I'm sorry but I can't wrap this book for you," Jazzlyn said.  She didn't bother to glance at the expensive padded blue wrapping she had set on the counter ready for action.   Giving free wrapping with foam protection had seemed a very good idea when she had purchased it.  Now she wasn't sure.
"Can't? I don't believe in 'can't' and neither should you!  There has to be a decent colour in here under these icky blue rolls.  If you don't have purple, I will settle for pink but nothing less!  And be very careful to do a good job.  Your reputation is at stake here.  Open the storeroom if necessary but do your job!"
Jazzlyn lunged for the rolls of wrapping paper but was too late.  To her horror, her non-customer pushed the display busts aside and sat on her display table!

"As I said before, this book does not qualify for free wrapping.  I can not wrap it for you!" Jazzlyn said.

"How dare you!!  I've had more than enough of your rudeness!  You can't advertise free gift wrapping and then refuse to do it!  That's false advertising!  You could be sued!  I've explained and explained to you why you must fulfil your commitment!  You can be fired and should be with such a negative, unco-operative attitude!  Customer service is the bedrock of all retail businesses.  Unless you comply with my very reasonable request, I will have to take steps to have you fired and this store closed for good!  I suggest, if you know what's good for you, that you do a very good job of wrapping indeed.  Throw in a couple of extra gold bows and I might be prepared to overlook your appalling rudeness....this time.  I suppose this is your first day on the job.  Though I have no idea why they didn't hire someone with proper experience!"
"Ma'am, this is a LIBRARY book!  You can see the label taped to the spine!"
"Well, whose fault is that?" the woman demanded.  "I've never been so insulted in my entire life!  You'll be sorry!  I will never set foot in this store ever again!"

She snatched up the book and stormed out the door, slamming it!
"Let's see if I have this straight.  She comes in before opening time.  She demands free wrapping for a book when the offer is on items purchased here."

"She insults my hair!  My colour is natural, unlike hers. Not to be petty, but since when can a natural redhead's skin tan?  I've certainly never been able to."

"When I refuse to wrap her book, she threatens me and argues and absolutely won't listen to me."

"She throws my wrapping paper onto the floor in an attempt to find purple paper that I clearly don't have."
"She pushes my display busts aside and sits on my display table. She's completely heedless of the damage she has caused."

"When I finally manage to point out the book isn't even her property but belongs to the library, she blows up!  She threatens to have me fired.  Then she swears she will never set foot inside my store ever again."

"And I'm supposed to be SORRY??!!!"
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