"Well, here I am, far from the toxic spill.  I'm working on my book: Sparkle in the Spotlight.  This is an exotic dress for Latin dances.  It wasn't my idea to go barefoot but the producer wanted to bring in a tropical aspect when she saw all the beads and the flower headdress I am wearing.  Since I want to have my book published, I didn't object.  Dance, doll, Dance!"

   "I do like this picture even though it isn't an apropriate ball room dance picture.  Since we are no longer competing (that hurts) I can ignore the dress code."

"Whee!  The feathers are flying!  This one was so much fun that I couldn't decide between these two pictures.  Can you?'
"The dress is very wide at the hem and the red is swag stitch.  I must admit that I am having a wonderful time.  I feel rather guilty about leaving the mess for Dirk to clean up.  Still, I am 'working' as in having pictures taken for Sparkle in the Spotlight.  So, now I can have my fun with a clear conscience.  Flowers, pretty clothes, jewellery and dance, that's my kind of fun!"
  "Again, a tie.  Who could decide between these two?"

 "I make a lovely island princess, don't I?  Maybe I'm a selkie up from the sea, or a mermaid come visiting.  I can be anything and anyone and yet, I am always me."
"Dr. Selkirk!  What are you doing here?" Jazzlyn asked.
  "You wanted surgery and I'm Brigadoon's top surgeon," Dr. Selkirk responded. "You wanted cosmetic surgery, to get your ears pierced.  Fine, have it your way but before we begin just take a look at the drill I'll be using.  I'll put the drill bit up against your ear lobes and grind out the holes you want.  Vanity comes with a high price in pain.  Still think getting your ears pierced is a good idea?"
 "You get that thing away from my ears!" Jazzlyn retorted.  "I'm changing doctors!  There has to be another doctor qualified to sink a hole in a pair of earlobes without getting them crooked.  This isn't about vanity, well not much. Do you actually believe I would be here when Brigadoon is facing a crisis if this weren't necessary?  It's about job security, Dr. Selkirk.  I make and sell jewellery and I have to be able to wear earrings.  I'm willing to suffer if I have to but that drill is pure torture!  I won't have any ears left if you use it!"
 "I hoped I would be able to talk you out of this nonsense," Dr. Selkirk said.  "You've got a perfectly good pair of ears that don't need any adornment.  If you insist on going through with the operation, I'll do it.  As you can see, I'm holding the earring post in my right hand and the real drill bit in my right.  Having your ears pierced is still surgery and you could get an infection or torn lobes."
 "I am aware of the risks, Dr. Selkirk," Jazzlyn told him a bit frostily.  "I have sanitized soap to keep the holes from getting infected.  I won't be playing any rough sports to risk getting my earlobes grabbed and torn and I certainly won't be wearing earrings the size of grapefruit!  If you are half as good a surgeon as I've been told, this operation should be as easy as sneezing.  Just as long as you don't actually sneeze during the actual piercing, we should be fine."
 "Ear piercing is a rudimentary job, beneath my dignity," Dr. Selkirk grumbled.  "I'm only here because you and Dirk are town heros for some reason and town council insisted that only the very best doctor would do. (They even insisted that I had to come to you when it should be the other way around.)  Ear piercing is a foolish, primative, practice that humans should have grown out of in the middle ages.  At least it won't take long.