"This is not the way I envisioned starting the New Year.  No party, no new clothes and our appartment has been condemned as unsafe.  Can things get any worse?" Arabelle.
"Don't tempt fate.  You said that last New Year's Day.  Said things had to get better but they got worse.  I must say this appartment was a great idea.  Great floor plan, lots of closets and I loved the bead curtains.  If you could have made it out of wood it would have been wonderful.  Unfortunately the fiberboard can't hold up to the stress.  There is no point in fighting the eviction order.  We will have to move.  I only wish I knew where." Zane
"This says it is a combined Christmas and birthday gift to both of us.  It must be something special." Zane
"It's a new house!  Three stories and it's all ours!" Zane

"Wow!  I don't believe it!" Arabelle.

"It's a commercially made house, a prefab, made of wood.  No more structual problems!" Zane
"Love the veranda but I don't like the dark stain on the balcony railing." Arabelle.

"That is being changed.  This is a work in progress as you can see.  The good news is that we can go see it.  We can even move in but there is a great deal of work to be done." Zane

"Let's go see it!  I'll even change into a new dress.  I do have one that is ready.  I'm not crazy about it but it will do to honour our new home." Arabelle
"Hurry up!  We'll need to take our bed and our appliances, and everything!  It's going to be wonderful!  We will have a proper house and space to stretch out!" Arabelle.
"Wow!  It's huge!  It's even better than the picture.  We are going to be so happy here!" Arabelle.

"That's right.  Our first real home.  Let me carry you over the threashold, my lovely bride.  I want to do this right." Zane
"This is nice.  I didn't know you had wicker furniture."  Zane

"Just these two pieces, Zane.  I picked them up on sale.  Just like these flowers.  I'll have to make us a garden, put in a flower bed, maybe a flower pot at every window.  There's just so much to do!  I'll be able to bring everything out of storage!  Isn't this wonderful?" Arabelle.
"I'm going to have to rearrange this kitchen.  I don't like having the appliances block the windows.  Of course this room is full of windows.  I will have to get everything organized."

"It will take organizing, Arabelle.  It seemed such a big room when it was empty but as soon as we moved in our appliances and the table and chairs it was full.  We are going to have to think carefully on what should go where." Zane
"Now this is what I mean!  This is ridiculous!  Our bed fills up the entire room!"  Zane

"This bed has to go.  It's a shame but we don't really need a bed quite this big.  The posters look ridiculous in this setting.     We are talking about a whole new decorating scheme.  Not to worry.  I found us the most adorable nightstands." Arabelle

"Please don't get carried away!  We are on a buget, a tight one.  Don't spend more than we can afford!  I know you want to do everything at once but we just can't!  Not after getting such an expensive house.  Combined Christmas and birthday present, remember." Zane

"Now, don't worry.  I'll do most of it myself." Arabelle.

"That's what I'm worried about.  Sometimes that costs more than simply buying. I want you to be happy but please take it slowly."  Zane. 
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It was a courtship gift
My Daniel gave to me
Cut from a walnut tree
The hardest wood there be
He made me a darning egg.

Suitors they make fancies
When love they wish to show
Carved spoons with flowers,
Or hearts and ribbon bows.
No one makes a darning egg!

A tool for mending socks,
Romantic it was not!
Though well made and useful
It was not what I sought
This work-a-day darning egg.

Still, 'twas a courtship gift
Of sweet affection dear.
As I thought about it,
His meaning came quite clear.
Coded in his darning egg.

My love it is full strong
Just like the walnut tree.
The scrapes and stabs of life
Won't mar my love for thee
Like this solid darning egg.

My love it is constant,
Meant to last through the years
'Tis faithful I will be
Through laughter, fears, and tears
Like this sturdy darning egg.

My love it is full strong
You know I'll never shirk
I fear a challenge not
Nor hardship and hard work
Like this hardy darning egg.

My love it is patient
Walnut to burnish bright
Takes patience clearly shown
To smooth it till it's right
Like this glossy darning egg.

My love it is thoughtful
Will strive to fill your needs
Down to the smallest ones
My love is shown in deeds
Like this handy darning egg.

My love it is humble
Seen in each lowly task
A helpmate true to you
That's what I'd like to ask
With this simple darning egg.

Suitors who would give me
Spoons and Hearts of soft pine
Too weak are they to hope
To win this heart of mine
Or make such a darning egg.

It takes the walnut burl,
A heart full strong and bold
To freely give its all
My heart to snare and hold
Like this darling darning egg.

No present could suit me,
Nor suitor, truth be told
Half as well as mine own.
I'll wear his ring of gold
And use well his darning egg.

Wild Woods

Oh, wild woods, the forest trails,
Where Daniel loves to roam,
With bears a growl and deers' white tails,
Which flash bright in the gloam.

The woodsman bold in buckskin stout,
His trusty rifle in his hand,
Who silent treads in Nature's realm,
He learns to read the land.

The squirrels bark, their chatter plain
To one who knows their kind,
And birds do sing or squawk with fright
When aught disturbs their minds.

The chipmunk's cheeks are passing full
A greedy scamp so pert,
With twitching tail and nimble feet,
And beady eyes alert.

The leafy trees do tint the world,
With cooling hues of green
And berries bright, that taste so sweet
Are blushing to be seen.

And sweeter still, the peace and joy
From walking in the wood.
It calls to him, the stronger still,
Since he's home, chopping wood.

"To make this bed, I bought a cutting board from the Dollar store.  I glued acrylic blocks together for legs.  I bought the wooden cut outs from Michael's and glued them to a strip of acrylic.  I glued the headboard to the bed with another strip of acrylic across the back for added support.  The acrylic came from Parker Plastics.  It was simple and the pillows and bedding finished it off.  It looks much better in this room than the four poster bed did.  Of course I haven't quite decided exactly which room will be my bedroom but this bed will go in any room."
"Here you can get a better look at the headboard.  Pretty fancy isn't it?  And, I have interesting news.  We, Zane and me, will be acting in a Daniel Boone series.  Any resemblence to reality is purely co-incidental.  Zane gets the title role and I play Rebecca Boone.  In poetry no less.  Well, I hope you enjoy....and I hope I can come up with the necessary props.  I'll do my best."
                The Rabbit Hunt

Now Mother Boone's making soap
A task she hates and full sore
Her sons she thought in her way
So she sent them out the door.

"You, Daniel, take your brother
And hunt us up some rabbits
For Squire should see how it's done
To gain good hunting habits."

This, Daniel did not wish to
But he would not raise her ire
"How bad could it be?" he thought
"To hunt some rabbits with Squire?"

Now Daniel likes his brother
But young brothers try to show
They are their elders' equals
With stunts that end in pure woe.

With them they took a ferret.
Since ferrets bite with sharp force
A hold not lightly broken
You treat them with care of course.

For rabbits hate a ferret
More than anything alive
A ferret loose in their hole
And out the rabbits will dive.

When Daniel found a fresh hole
The ferret he slid down it.
"Stay sharp, Squire, now cock your gun
And we shall dine on rabbit."

From hole they had not spotted
A hare bolts at Daniel's feet
His gun's too far, it's no use
But he won't admit defeat.

He grabs the fleeing rabbit
It's fighting, biting, it kicks.
He could not get a good hold
So calls Squire to help him quick.

A second big rabbit leaps
So Daniel graps that as well
Twice the trouble, twice the strain
So for help he had to yell.

No help he got as brother
Squire was laughing, laughing more
To see Daniel so beset
Laughing until he was sore.

While Daniel fights two rabbits
Up pops a third fat rabbit
He lunges and grabs for it
And Daniel yells "Dagnabit!"

He's lost his hold and balance
Went crashing to the ground
The rabbits scatter quickly
In brush swift they refuge found.

The ferret pokes his nose out
and sees the fracus raging
Not for me, this scene's too wild
Back down the hole, he's hiding.

And Squire he laughs still harder
At Daniel splat on the ground
Both rabbits and temper he's lost
A-gasp for air he did sound.

"You taught me mighty hunter
Both bear and panther you slay
And deer and elk fall to you
But rabbits, they win the day!"

"Well, Squire, you have your lesson,
But I did learn another.
When hunting for some rabbits
To leave at home my brother!"

"Dagnabbit's a word we use
Since we know we should not curse
Means DAnG it! NAB that rabBIT!
I suppose this could be verse."

"Happy Valentine's day!  The lighting in these shots isn't the greatest but you can still see my wonderful new Valentine's Day dress.  You can also see my new nightstands.  Yes, as you can see all the drawers open. The stands are actually in the 1/12 scale as are the lamps.  One can find some really good pieces for reasonable prices in the 1/12 th scale but some adjustment is needed.  The nightstands were supposed to be sideboards.  Totally hopeless as sideboards on my scale but as nightstands they're just great.  The lamps I glued to big red hearts just like the one I'm holding in the first picture.  That gives them the added height to work as bedroom lamps.  My bedroom is coming along nicely."
"Zane you were wonderful!" Arabelle.

"I'm glad someone thinks so.  The rabbits are still laughing at me." Zane

"I've got something you just have to see!  You did so well that the series is on!  The producer is going all out on this one." Arabelle.

"That is good news!  Maybe I'll get a better script next time." Zane
"This is going all out?  The house looks like it's about to fall down.  The door doesn't have any hinges and you're sitting on a crate.  Not good!  Maybe we should rethink this project." Zane.

"It's a work in progress, Zane.  It's not finished but I couldn't wait.  Yes, there are problems but we will get there." Arabelle.
"This crate isn't a crate but a close stool.  That's an indoor outhouse.  You lift up the lid and your waste drops through to a chamber pot which you  empty by flipping open the side door.  Don't worry, it won't actually be in our house but in the attached shed behind the house.  The shed will hold our wood, the close stool, hay and a stall for Donkey.  After all you will need Donkey to haul your surveying equipment when you go off exploring and making maps." Arabelle.
"Here's the inside of the cabin.  It's small but cabins were small.  We have to adapt.  We get some great furniture to go with it and some accessories you might not notice. " Arabelle

"I notice that the base of the table is a pop can.  I really hope that is one of the items that will be fixed."  Zane

"Of course, but notice the two stacks of wooden bowls and the little jars on the table.  The jars are for the jam and jelly I'm going to make and various spices etc." Arabelle.
"We've got lots of storage space in the pantry.
Here's my butter churn.  You can't see the writing clearly enough but it says: 'A Butter Churn Gives Gold Returns'.  Sort of folksy  and I don't know how much butter I will be churning but it's a cute accessory for our Daniel Boone theme." Arabelle.
"Zane, come check out your writing desk!  It's got tiny drawers for your pens and measuring equipment as well as drawers for your papers.  It's adorable!  You'll be able to draw really wonderful maps with this set-up." Arabelle
"You check it out.  I'm checking out the bed.  Too short and it needs a much bigger headboard but the mattress is so comfortable and the blankets are warm and cozy.  Pity it's too small for two.  You'll have to make do with a blanket on the floor.  If I can spare a blanket, that is." Zane.
"Oh no, you don't!  This bed is big enough for two.  You're just going to have to share!  And don't even think of hogging all the blankets!  You rascal!" Arabelle.

"Well, maybe if you're very nice to me..... Say Pancakes for breakfast?  A good frontier breakfast would hit the spot.  After all frontier men were the head of the house and their wives, their 'little women' catered to their every need." Zane

"You want frontier life do you?  Frontier Pancakes made from ground acorns and fried in bear fat?  Dandelion salads and cat-tail roots? Not to mention all the wood chopping you'd have to do.  That wood stove burns all year long, remember?  Plus there's hauling water, no indoor plumbing, and skinning whatever animal you shoot."  Arabelle.

"I'll admit there are disadvantages." Zane

"Fortunately we don't have to take this too seriously.  The Boones were well off and well educated for the time.  Not that we are going to worry about historical accuracy.  Thank goodness for that!  The Boones had a dozen children!"  Arabelle
"Isn't this a stunning dress?  So perfect for St. Patrick's Day.  We've gotten our cabin squared around as you can see with curtains up and the door put on hinges.  There is lots more to see on the next page.  Yes, we have run out of room on this page already!  It's been a big year so far and only four months into it."  Arabelle
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