Doll photostories present a multi-faceted creative challenge. One is author, producer, costumer, cameraman, etc. It's sort of like being a one-man band. lol I use 1/12 scale because of size and financial restraints.   Hope you will have as much fun as I'm having.  Any comments or suggestions; contact me at:
Arabelle's Closet
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"Hi!  I'm Sienna Zigzag, this site's official mascot.  That's because I'm a bodacious puppy, six months old and into everything.  My people said that as long as I was sticking my nose in anyway, they might as well make it official.  I don't get to chew on the dolls though.  I don't think that's fair.  Do you?  Well, I will pop in now and again.  Maybe there will be something tasty that goes with this job?"
"I'm Roscoe Rocket.  Do I have to admit that Sienna is my niece?  I mean, look at her licking up milk just as if she was a baby.  That does it.  I'm out of here.  Some things are just too silly!  We've got a mature, dignified site at  Why do we need adults playing at being little kids?  Milk and dolls?  Get real!"
"Can you believe it?  My people put up sections of cardboard just where I can really get my teeth into them!  I've got fun now!  There are plants hiding behind that cardboard but I have to chew through the cardboard first before I can find out what they taste like.    Don't worry, I'll chew my way through soon enough.  I'm dedicated."

"I'm seven months old now and enough of my adult coat has come in that you can easily imagine what I will look like as an adult.  I've got all my adult teeth but I'm still in the chewing stage.  My ears have tipped.  That's important for show dogs.  My mother's ears kept her out of showing and it looked very much as if my ears would be just as upright as hers but I think my ears would be considered acceptable now.  I've been spayed so no confirmation showing for me.  Not that I want to do that.  I'd rather just show off at home.  Everyone pays attention to me....especially when I pounce on their shoes and chew on their shoelaces.....while they are trying to walk.  That's the best!"