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A major shift has occured in Fashion Doll Folly.  Due to technical difficulties, I am resizing from the 1/6 scale to the 1/12 scale.  Price and space are the main reasons with availability of props coming in third.  For example, the lovely table and four chairs in the kitchen cost me $80.00 while I can get an equivelent set in the 1/12 scale for under $20.00.  The space problem is obvious.  I've run out of room for sets.  Availability and quality of props: the 1/12 scale taps into the miniature dollhouse collector market.  That's a huge advantage.  (Especially when one wants to avoid 'Barbie Pink'.)  The 1/12th scale will allow for more imaginative stories as well.  I hope it will turn out to be a big improvement.

The only drawbacks are: that I have to start all over in collecting dolls etc. and the difficulty of knitting clothing for the 1/12 dolls.  I am switching to #2 weight yarn. This is taking some time but I am working hard and will have a new story up as soon as possible.

Before I began using the TBLeague/Phicen dolls, I had no problem in giving the doll clothing I knit away, either directly to the daughters of my neighbours or to the library for their reading program.  Unfortunately,the dresses knitted for realistic bodies don't fit Barbie dolls.  I've got an entire sack full of doll dresses that will propably end up in the trash.  This is a dreadful waste.  Using the 1/12th scale the waste will be cut in half at least.  Actually, I'm hoping to be able to give away the 1/12 scale dresses as I did the barbie dresses. 

I'll be putting up the dolls and furniture for sale at Ebay.  Hopefully, this will help just a little with the cost of replacing everything.

Finally, I am working hard and will have a new story up as soon as possible.  I haven't forgotten or lost interest.  Fashion Doll Folly will continue to improve and grow.