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Jazzlyn's Story
Jazzlyn Isabelle Astaire

Jazzlyn has recently married her dance partner, Dirk Horatio Astaire.  They have been dance partners for ten years, since she was twelve and he was sixteen.  They are three time Canadian National Champions.  In the World Dance Competition, they have ranked 22nd, 14th, and 8th.  This is a stellar rise in the standings and this year they hope to become the very first Canadians to win the World title.  Unfortunately, since ballroom dance is mostly ignored in Canada, they have very little funding.  Jazzlyn's Aunt Isabelle used to help with expenses; giving Jazzlyn a job in her costume business and a place to live.  It allowed Jazzlyn to make their costumes and gave her the flexibility to attend competitions.  Aunt Isabelle's death ended that.  Jazzlyn inherited some nice pieces and a little money but lost her home and job.  This made their wedding a necessity; allowing Jazzlyn to move in with Dirk.  Not that the financial pressure is why they married.  They have been devoted to one another for years but couldn't justify getting married until they could afford it.  Jazzlyn used some of the money she inherited and opened a small jewellery store. 
Dirk Horatio Astaire (formerly Butcher)

Dirk is Jazzlyn's partner and husband.  He changed his name to hers when they began dancing together.  He considered the name Butcher to be a serious drawback for a dancer.  He also wanted to prevent any lurid speculation about his relationship with Jazzlyn.  (Having the same last name made it easy for them to pretend to be cousins when they were underage.)  He is very protective of her since she was only 12 when they first started dancing together.  He is a dedicated dancer and a member of the League of Mad Scientists.  LMS is dedicated to trying to save the world from the abuse humanity is showering it with.  He's extremely health consious.  Alcohol, cigarettes, pot (or any other drug), transfat, high sodium, high colesterol, etc. do NOT pass his lips.   He lives in Brigadoon, which has the most enviromentally friendly bylaws in the land.  His home is a bungalow made from fused waste plastic.  There are no windows because of a glitch in the software.  That flaw made it cheap enough for Dirk to afford.  Dirk likes Brigadoon and has many friends and relatives here. 
Mavis Esmerelda Bagshot

Mavis is known in Brigadoon for 'always having an opinion'. Facts not needed and other opinions not heeded.  She gets her own way quite often as many people give in to her rather than engage in a futile attempt to change her mind.  She also has a hypnotic ability she uses against those who flatly refuse to go along with her.  It's flawed.  It typically only works if the victim has already decided s/he doesn't want whatever Mavis has her heart set on.  Even so, Mavis never learns her skill only brings her more trouble.  She highly resents Dirk for his celebrity status.  A national champion, even in the woefully undervalued dance sport, is still a local hero to his home town.  Mavis feels that as a former Princess of the Brigadoon Fair, she deserves much more respect.  After all if SHE had been allowed to defend her title she would still have it.  It was unfair that she could only compete until she won while Dirk could go on competing as long as he liked.  (That she was only supposed to compete for the title of Princess of the Brigadoon Fair once instead of three times is of no significance to Mavis.  Another instance of Mavis getting what she wants through persistance and protest.)

Dr. Selkirk

Dr. Selkirk is a talented surgeon.  He operated on Dirk's eyes.  He is new to Brigadoon. 
Gary Coatsworth

Gary is the Sheriff of Brigadoon.  He was born and raised in Brigadoon.  Sometimes it seems to him that half of his job is managing Mavis Bagshot's antics.  Unlike the vast majority of Brigadoon's residents, he can effectively curb Mavis without her causing even more trouble. He has a separate number for all Mavis incidents.   Managing Mavis is a vital skill  in Brigadoon but he wants to do more than rescue hapless people from Mavis and deal with petty crimes.  He puts the interests of the victims first.  He prefers to make Mavis return whatever she has taken rather than arresting her.  Jail would only teach her bad habits as well as curing her fear of being sent to jail.  It wouldn't get her victims their money back.

Viola Catherine Butcher

Dirk's sister and Jazzlyn's chosen sister.  She says the best thing about having Jazzlyn for a sister is being able to raid Jazzlyn's closet and jewellery box at will.  The worst thing is that Dirk and Jazzlyn head for the dance floor every chance they get and make it look so easy that some poor fool tries to copy their moves and ends up in the punch bowl!  It's usually her date, too!
Francis Nelson Butcher

Dirk and Viola's father and the principal of Brigadoon's secondary school.  He finds Dirk's choice of career baffling.  Dirk has the brains and body to do anything he wants so why not pick something that would pay some real money....like professional hockey?  He gets along better with Viola, considering her his only sensible child.
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