Jazzlyn's Story
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I'm building the framework of the new house.  Acrylic strips are courtesy of Parker Plastics who cut 1/4 inch strips especially for me.  They will form the frame of the house allowing me to attach paintings as walls.  I intend to build the house in three detached sections. That way I can put a section or two up on my shelving and have room for more exotic sets.  Here you can see the bathroom being built.  The frame is up but the walls haven't been added and neither has the door.  The bathroom furniture looks good.  It's porcelain.  Well, there's still a lot to do but it's a very nice start.  The shelf and mirror will go up as soon as I've got walls.
"The living room set.  All ready for a relaxing cup of tea afer the stress of housebuilding.    Pretty set.You can see the tea set on the coffee table.  Yes, I should have made coasters or a table cloth instead of setting a hot tea pot on the coffee table.  She had better not spill any!
Here we have the dining room.  The  green strip is actually patio....or will be when I get that far.  The doors have to arrive.  There is going to be a double door leading outside.  I probably should have cut this picture down in size to show more of the furniture and less of the painting but I liked the scene.
The kitchen!  The kitchen table hasn't come yet, so I am using a spool of ribbon as a standin. The appliances are fine but the kitchen is far from being finished.  Anyway, it gives you a look at the progress. It's a big job to replace all the 1/6 things with 1/12 things.  The end result should be worth it.  I'm hoping this change will result in a big improvement.  We shall see.