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"Hi and Welcome to my site.  Fashion Doll Folly is about a Fashion, Arabelle Skylark.   This site is a Folly because it isn't a commercial site.  It's just for fun.  I hope you will have fun here as well.  This is an adult site but there isn't anything that should be upsetting to a child. (No nudity, no foul language, minimal violence, etc.) My site has evolved from showing off my clothes to an entire photostory.  Clothes are still a big part of my life. Knitting produces a superior dress, easy to use and durable.  There are so many possible variations, the fun never stops.  However, I have expanded into making furniture etc. Yes, I still give give the clothes etc. away to the little girls of my friends.  A pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled.  Especially I have been writing my stories.  These are all my original work.  Some poems are based on real life stories but most are sheer fiction. The Rabbit Hunt, for example, was a story my dad told me about going out hunting with his father when he was young.  If you read the poem, you know what happened. LOL."  

 "So, come on in and be welcome. Just let your imagination lead the way.  This is a work in progress." Arabelle Skylark
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"See!  My mouth is larger than yours! That means I'm right and you're wrong!  I win!"
"Hi Mom.  Of course we are being good.  We're ALWAYS good!  We're just discussing whether it is better to live with a brother or a sister.  Just a friendly debate between siblings."
"Now where were we?  Oh, yes!  Fun and fangs!"
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