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"Hi and Welcome to my site.  Fashion Doll Folly is undergoing a few changes.  Arabelle Skylark has retired and Jazzlyn Astaire is taking her place. 

The basic goals have not changed though. No commercials, no nudity, no foul language, and only minimal violence.  

Fashion Royalty dolls are great but TBLeague action figures are much more flexible and realistic.  They are sculpted as real men and women, not as dolls. That said these figures are a little exagerated, since not many of us are professional body builders. 

Stories, pictures, clothing and the sets are my own original work.  As for the props, I buy whatever I can afford and can find in the 1/6th scale.

 "Come on in and be welcome. Just let your imagination lead the way.  This is a work in progress." Jazzlyn Astaire
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"See!  My mouth is larger than yours! That means I'm right and you're wrong!  I win!"
"Hi Mom.  Of course we are being good.  We're ALWAYS good!  We're just discussing whether it is better to live with a brother or a sister.  Just a friendly debate between siblings."
"Now where were we?  Oh, yes!  Fun and fangs!"
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